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-gets a house with 9 bedrooms jus to put sheets on bed

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How the media portrays Michael Brown, on the left, vs John Wayne Gacey, Eric Harris of Columbine and Timothy McVeigh on the right

Another night, more pictures. Istanbul soccer fans showing support. “Is it open season on a nigga?” sign on CNN. Man passing out roses in Ferguson to show that we are loved. THEY are loved!! Boyfriend and girlfriend fighting the good fight and a bus load of students this morning screaming “hands up, don’t shoot” as they pass the Saint Louis County Police Department.

Is this a picture of 1964 or 2014 with an Instagram filter? Baby girl wasn’t having it tho lol….and they surround a guy with his hands up like he harboring terrorists or had 44 keys in the trunk. Protect and serve? Disturb more like it.

Fresh Prince got it right too. Must be Illuminati.

Fresh Prince got it right too. Must be Illuminati.

Silent protest in Philly with reenactment of Mike Brown’s murder with trolls mocking the situation by taking photos

Looks like Panthers to me. Atlanta rallied ystrday in front of the CNN headquarters. IN THE RAIN!! From Gaza to Ferguson….the WORLD is watching!! Bloods and Crips standing together keeping looters away. Young black female soldier standing in the middle of the street. Hands UP!! But they are shooting tear gas? The American flag upside down is the official sign of distress. Then I saw that “no flex zone” sign, that’s cool lol.

Pictures from last night in Ferguson. The news will tell you people were arrested but not why. The old white lady? She’s from Palestine. She’s a Holocaust survivor. She’s 90. The young lady in cuffs? She’s a protestor. All they were doing is protesting in front of a building and were arrested for failure to disperse. They were arrested for using rights granted to them by the Bill of Rights. Why is that big fucking truck there? Is this Afghanistan or America?

South Park always gets it right

South Park always gets it right

The blood of the black man help build this country. They call us looters, when we are only trying to get milk to help with the tear gas. We are being peaceful and the police are being the agitators. All we want is justice. The murderer of a young black man is in hiding while his family searches for answers. Why are SWAT teams out here? Why is there a curfew? Why is the National Guard being called in to protect the police? WE need the protection!

The WORLD is watching. J Cole came out to show his support and try to help. Much respect. TIBETAN MONKS came out to show support and demand justice, all the way from Asia!

More pictures from this weekend

My man with the custom Red October Future 11s. Fuego.

My man with the custom Red October Future 11s. Fuego.